Frequently asked questions


How long does it take to get a tattoo?

The waiting time for a term depends on the pattern type and individual schedule of an artist you choose. Usually, for having all labor-intensive projects you should sign up two or three months in advance. Smaller designs and works are a matter of negotiation. You can check the news regarding terms at the bottom of our page or on our facebook account.

How much does it cost to get a tattoo?

Price of getting a tattoo mainly depends on it’s size. You can download a file conntaining the pricing and siezes of the tattoo at PRICES.

How to reserve your indyvidual tattoo term?

All customers abroad, please contact us and send the materials and description of your tattoo vision via mail. In response you will recive initial valuation of your tattoo and suggested deadline. After your acceptance towards the prising you sholud deposit a downpayment (100 pln for each term reservation) by bank transfer to our account.

Deposit is included in the overall cost of the tattoo. If suggested deadline won’t suit you, we can reschedule it , provaiding that you will warn us at your earliest convenience, at least a few days earlier. In that case your deposit is not refundable. However, if the client, fails to appear on time without notice, deposit shall be forfeited.

Futher discussion about the form of a tattoo will take place directly on the spot.

How to choose a tattoo design for yourself?

First of all your idea and visions counts the most in the tattoo-design choosing process. Describe us where do you want your tattoo to be placed and what meaning it supposed to represent. If you do not have an idea, try to find inspiration in tattoos made by the world’s finest artists on our website in the gallery section. On that basis we will be able to prepare something especially for you. We do not make a copy of someone else’s work and existing tattoos.